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Big thanks goes to Cotton & Flax for allowing us to use their beautiful images for this demo theme. Below is a bit about the designer and maker behind Cotton & Flax, Erin Dollar:

"Erin Dollar is the designer and maker behind Cotton & Flax. With a background in fine art printmaking, Erin brings a simple, modern aesthetic vision to Cotton & Flax, which she founded in 2012. 

After studying fine art printmaking at UC Santa Cruz, Erin continued her studio practice and produced artworks on paper in Portland, Oregon. She began a series of experimental printmaking projects on textiles in 2010, and spent two years refining her aesthetic vision and perfecting printing processes before founding Cotton & Flax as a permanent home for her designs.

With Cotton & Flax, Erin approaches textile design as a blend of fine art and fine craft. By using traditional methods to print each textile piece, Erin hopes to share her love of printmaking, and to promote greater public interest in owning unique, handmade home goods."